Gatcha Script System

Especially for business owners, venue managers, and hobbyists, this is a gatcha vendor script system that you can use for personal or business use. Turn any build or object into a feature-rich gatcha machine!


Cover Charge Event System

This is a script system that lets you charge guests entry or access to an area of your choosing. Think of it as security orb that makes you money – great for parties, clubs, concerts, skyboxes, and escorts! Our full-featured system is easy to set up, easy to use, and comes with tons of features for customization.

Drop this script system in any prim or object to instantly turn it into your event or venue’s personal door man!


Human Auction Scripts

This is a fully featured, highly customizable, very secure and low-lag human auction block system from Compilance Productions! Run your own LIVE slave auctions, escort auctions or just general auctions to make money or to generate traffic for your business and do it for less than the cost of other, less featured systems.


Multi-Sit Furniture Scripts

Setting up your own animated objects in Second Life has never been easier! Use our special scripting kit in your creations and take your business to the next level – no scripting experience needed! This script set is specifically made for personal use; now you can update and customize any furniture or object with whatever animations and poses you want or even build your own!